Image being telling your worker to achieve either production or service, but first ask yourself is this request achievable? I noticed where l `m working at the moment we are told to maximize the productivity of the machines but at the same time being told to work at the slowest speed of the machines in other words below half the capacity of the machines. This situation is happening in many industries. Sometimes, entrepreneurs or managers tend to ask for unachievable production without overtime or putting many threats on the workers like firing or shutdowns mostly here Zimbabwe.

As SMEs we should make sure we have learned the skills of leading the workers, business development and so many skills at organizations like STRATEGICSYNERGY, businesslink although at the moment I have established business as import and export agent ( U M S IMPORT&EXPORT AGENCY ) I looking forward to be in contact with these type of organizations. Right we all know that a good job is hard to find particularly as the country is highly unemployed, but every entrepreneur knows a good employee is hard to keep. As entrepreneur, one must ensure his or her company is staffed with employees who look forward to coming to work every day for more than a paycheck. But how? This can only be achieved through employee motivation, as the moral of the workers improves also efficiency of the workers improves. Gone are the days of stick and carrot at workplace, although the carrot is still needed.

Sometimes ago l had to work at a small scale mine(in Zimbabwe also known as Korokoza) on my part time, I discovered that ,the owners and the people they put forward they were just people without leadership ideas. The working condition so poor to the extent of working without break time or launch hour, when it comes to pay that’s work without pay , half pay or pay after two month. As entrepreneurs both aspiring entrepreneurs and startups SMEs before we go any further into business let as equip ourselves with the right skills so that we can run business properly. Try to work with organizations like

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