In order to survive, the objective of any concern cannot be other than the making of a normal profit in the long term, so any entrepreneurs in order to survive he/she has to put more research and development on marketing and sales policies in order to survive.

Sales organizations and management are therefore directed to that end. In its widest sense, the sales policy must cover the subordinate policies of all departments and all activities that have any direct bearing on the actual selling of goods and services. Generally, the sales policy is regarded as the regulating policy of the company to a largest sense, sales policy must cover the merchandising and marketing policies together with the pricing policy, advertising policy and the policy regarding the quality of the goods or services not forgetting after sale services. All these will make the company how it will survive in this global competitive environment. As Zimbabwean entrepreneurs mostly SMEs we cannot be crying babies to the situation on our economy saying the Chinese, Indians and etc have flooded our market with their products we have to known that almost 80% of these products are made by SMEs. You can take advantage of newly established IMPORT AND EXPORT AGENCY I there to help find the market for our products and services and source the products and all these on commission basis

It is more important that the sales policy is not laid down and executed in any dictatorial manner. Whilst it is the leading policy, it must be coordinated and balanced with them all.

Some of the more important aspects regarding the sales policy

With regard to production, it is more or less concrete to look at production capacity; the sales manager or director should be able to evaluate the production capacity quite accurately. Work study techniques will be able to evaluate and assess undue idle time and preventive maintenances time and also the value of extra machinery when the manager wants to buy one or the sub-contraction of any work. Consequently the sales department should be able to set its task ahead in accordance with an accurate assessment of present and future productive capacity.

The sales policy should not be regarded as the prime factor. If production can develop most economically in a certain way, it may well be that the sales policy must be brought into line with it and make the necessary arrangements to dispose of the new product that has became available. So the policies should be flexible and this will make the company read to diversify its products. It is evident that the textile concern can diversify its products by manufacturing fabrics and plastic packaging materials or similar products and this can be applied in any industry.

However, actual selling effort cost money, and it is usually very difficult to assess what selling and distribution costs are likely to be at different levels of production. So many external forces play their part and are difficult to assess. Nevertheless cost of selling and distribution must be met by the company and therefore the policy that controls these factors must always be considered in relation to the finance policy.

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